Nutty about Nuthatches

I have been a keen birder since childhood and this has increased through my life as a wildlife photographer. I am particularly drawn to some species, the Little Owl and Bullfinch, the Sanderling and Dipper; but my absolute favourite is the Nuthatch.

These are beautifully painted birds, steel blue and orange with a black eye stripe that fits perfectly with their bold character. 

Nuthatch are superb tree climbers and can move up, down and around the trunk and branches; typically they land above where they want to be and then spiral down head first. At bird feeders they dominate and will even wait patiently while the food is replenished, this habit just adds to their charm.

The Nuthatch has a very pretty and distinctive call but during my time with them I have noticed a number of other more subtle sounds, particularly when several birds are together. This is part of what I love about wildlife photography, learning those little character traits that can improve your chances of capturing the perfect moment.

I have spent many hours observing and photographing these lovely birds but still feel there is more to learn and better images to be made. This is how it is with some subjects, as your photographs improve your expectations grow and you have to keep going. Perhaps the shot I want will always elude me but at least I’ll get to spend more time with the Nuthatches.