Autumn Days

Autumn is a special season for the wildlife photographer as nature prepares for the onset of winter. Mammals are busy harvesting nuts and seeds, tits and finches return to garden feeders and thrushes fight over ripe berries in colourful trees.

Autumn brings low, slanting light as the position of the sun in the sky changes. This light is warmer and subtler than the harsh summer sun making it more practical for photo making. There is also more light available to the photographer as leaves fall from deciduous trees.

The fall carpets the ground with a bed of golden leaves as hedgehogs prepare for the big sleep. Little rodents scurry about as they scavenge for scraps of food, still cautious, but shy creatures become bolder and more approachable as winter draws near.

One of my favourite places to visit is York Cemetery which is a real haven for wildlife. As I walk among the gravestones a robin sings a wistful song and is a constant companion; especially when there is a treat on offer! Grey squirrels are more wary than usual but make nice subjects as they forage for nuts in the fallen leaves.

© Simon Roy Photography 2015

BWPA 2013

Fly Dance

I am really chuffed that three of my photographs have been successful in this years BWPA competition including ‘Fly Dance’ (above) which was highly commended in the animal behaviour category and ‘Life in the Old Boot’ (below) which was highly commended in the urban wildlife category.

Life in the Old Boot

The other successful shot was ‘Ratty Portrait’ in the animal portraits category, shown below in the lovely book that showcases the very best entries from this years competition.

Ratty Portrait

It is a real achievement for me to be recognised in this highly prestigious competition alongside some extremely talented and inspirational photographers. I also think it highlights the steady progress that I have made since 2011.

© Simon Roy Photography 2013